K Blue Fizzy Gummy Pipe

K Blue Fizzy Gummy Pipe


Handmade by Parisian artist neen in their home-studio in Los Angeles, California, the Fizzy Gummy Pipe is slip cast in white clay and then hand painted and speckled. Featuring a white glazed bowl for easy clean-up, this pieces has accents in “K Blue”, presumably, “International Klein Blue”, a deep blue hue first mixed and heavily used by French Artist Yves Klein. The “K Blue” foot on this piece contrasts with the stark white clay, dramatizing its cast shadow, thus casting a glow and creating the illusion of hovering over a surface.

Please note that because of the nature of handmade goods, each piece may vary slightly and may have small imperfections. We recommend cleaning with a solution of Kosher Salt and alcohol. See our “Care Instructions” page for more information on how to clean your ceramic pieces.

This item cannot be shipped to Iowa or Pennsylvania. Please visit our “Shipping + Handling” page for more information. Intended for tobacco use only.

Measurements: ± L 4.25" x W 1" x H 1"

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Made in the USA by Neenineen